Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Michael Phelps Has No Reason To Be In Hot Water

Why won't the media get over these Michael Phelps photographs. It must be a slow media day. Who cares if Phelps smoked pot? Seriously, we know that he does not smoke pot on a regular basis, a person could not possibly be a regular pot smoker and win 8 gold medals. And what if he was? I would say wow, what a dude! The guy is 23 years old for goodness sake. This is such a non story. Obama smoked pot and snorted coke and the media did not carry on about that.

I sure hope he does not lose one endorsement over this situation. If he does lose an endorsement we should band together and never buy that product again. He is a stand up guy and he has proven that at least 8 times over. These media idiots are just jealous of his success.

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