Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Two NFL Players Missing, One Rescued

Boat Found with Nick Schuyler clinging to it, 3 others Still Missing.
Two NFL Players Missing, One Rescued

Four friends went for a fishing trip and were scheduled to return on Saturday evening. When they did not return, family members reported them missing.

The coast guard searched the area and found their boat over turned with NFL player Nick Schuyler clinging to it. Detriot Lions free-agent defensive end Corey Smith and Oakland Raiders linebacker Marquis Cooper are among the missing. Both played together for Tampa Bay Buccaneers in 2004. Also missing is former University of South Florida football player Will Bleakley.

Schuyler told authorities that they were all together on Monday at 2:00am but somehow they both became separated.

We are praying for the safe return, but things are not looking good. It is difficult being lost at sea, especially if you do not have some kind of floatation device to cling to. My father was lost at sea twice during his career as a fisherman. Once for almost 72 hours, but he did have a small raft he was holding onto. The other time was in the freezing cold Bering Sea in Alaska, he lost two of his friends including the captain of the boat.

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